Wasps in National City, CA FAQs

Wasps may pose some risk to humans because of their ability to sting, which can lead to serious medical conditions.
A wasp is smaller in size than that of a hornet, but slightly larger than a bee. It is one-third inch to an inch long size, and is black and yellow in color. In contrast to a bee, a wasp is hairless; while in contrast to a hornet, their only difference is the size.
Wasps sting when they can sense threat within their space.
Wash the affected area instantly with soap and water, and apply ice to reduce the redness and swelling. Keep the wound dry and clean at all times to prevent infection, and for added protection, you may apply band aid as well.
Wasps become pests when they swarm over your property and create nests over man made structures. They also bring harm to birds, insects, humans, and as well as our recreation.
Wasps like staying in places where they can find insect food supply, decaying food, fruits, and scraps, as well as flowers where they get some nectar.
You will see a colony of wasps and their nests within your property. They usually like to linger by spaces where there’s a nearby food source.
Wasps like staying on ceilings, wood surfaces, walls, and trees. They may also stay near places where they can have their own food source such as garbage cans.
The presence of wasp nests and the insects themselves in your property is a major indication of an infestation, especially once they start creating nests indoors as well.
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