Termites in Imperial Beach, CA FAQ

Termites are fond of eating dead plants and trees, as well as wood, paper, and plastic.
Yes, they can. If left untreated and unattended, termites have the capacity to produce thousands of offsprings that can form new colonies.
This is dependent on a variety of factors such as the type and size of wood, climate, and termite species it is.
Termites spread during their reproductive season – where winged female termites find a spot where they can start a new colony – and when hunting termites come out to look for food. They tend to build a new colony in walls and ground foundations.
Termites are not known to harm people, but they may still cause allergic reactions for some.
Termites love woods, especially old and rotting ones. They’re also attracted to spots that have moisture, clogged gutters, dead leaves, and trees. If you have any of these lingering in your household, termites are likely to be around the corner.
Depending on how large the colony is, a house can be destroyed within a span of 1-8 years on average.
Some of the surefire signs of a termite infestation are:

  • Flying black ants
  • Shed-off termite wings
  • Moist walls and floorings
  • Buzzing or chewing sounds

Seek the help of professional termite exterminators so you can work out a plan or schedule to eliminate them in your house at the soonest time possible.
It’s best to have treatment at the soonest time possible after spotting the termites’ presence in your house.
While it’s certainly a relief not to see any termites in your house, we highly recommend for your house to get treated or checked at least once a year. for prevention and control purposes. Termites are quite tricky to detect since more often than not, they are invisible to the naked eyes as they hide through tunnels.
A termite control treatment lasts for about 5 years on average.
It can take about a day or two. Depending on the gravity of the infestation, it may take longer for some people.
You can expect to see the remains of the dead insects such as their shed wings and bodies. It’s recommended that you clean them right away as the dead bodies may attract other pests. Moreover, there are some instances when a termite swarm may still be present after the treatment; don’t fret though as they should diminish over time, which is why you should regularly monitor for any signs of pests.
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