Stinging Pest Treatments in Coronado, CA FAQs

Bees, wasps, and hornets are some of the most common insects that are stinging pests.
A sting may look like a blotched, swollen red bump over your skin.
Stinging pests crave exposed food and trash, as well as excessive scents and fragrances.
Depending on the species, a sting can range from mild to fatal for humans. This becomes life-threatening for those with allergic reactions to venom, which may lead to anaphylactic shock, or also known as difficulty in breathing, where the chest and throat tightens.
Typically, stinging pests can only bring swelling and pain when stung, and with the proper treatment and handling, it can go away in a few days. However, those with allergic reactions to venom are more at risk since the stinging can give them extreme breathing problems, which could be fatal.
Wearing of light-colored clothing can help lessen the stinging pests such as bees or wasps, from coming near you. To prevent them from infesting your homes, make sure to close all spots where they can enter such as crevices and cracks. Make sure to also keep your areas clean at all times.
Wash right away with water and soap. Apply cold compress to reduce swelling, calamine lotion to reduce itching and irritation, and antibacterial to prevent from further infection. In case you have an allergic reaction, get professional medical help at the soonest time possible.
Essential oils such as peppermint, citronella, and tea tree oil may repel stinging pests.
Well-maintenance of your home property is one way to keep the pesky stinging insects away. If ever you are planting flowers, make sure to plant away from your home so they do not swarm over the area near your place of residence. Moreover, pack away or practice proper storage of food and leftovers that contains sweets.
Suncoast Pest Management can most certainly help you in addressing your concern. Stinging Pest Treatments are one of our expertise and we’d be happy to assist you in any way that we can.