Silverfish in Santee, CA FAQ

A silverfish is a type of wingless insect that demonstrates fish-like movements. They are silver and gray in color and are known pests that thrive in moisture.
Silverfish are known to be drawn in moist and warm spots and anything with carbohydrates and protein.
Places like bathrooms, attics, or basements are a silverfish’s hideout, where it’s moist and warm.
No, a silverfish do not bite humans, because of their weak jaw, but it can scrape through your belongings instead.
No, a silverfish is not dangerous but is considered to be a nuisance.
Although they While generally harmless, a silverfish is known for damaging properties like clothing and goods, as well as contaminating food with dirt.
To spot a silverfish infestation, be on the lookout for yellow stains, scrape marks, and trails of feces.
A silverfish can damage wallpaper, fabric, and papers, which can leave a large hole in the long run.
A silverfish is not known to carry any diseases or viruses.
Suncoast Pest Management can help you in eliminating a silverfish infestation.