Scorpions in Vista, CA FAQ

Often mistaken as insects, scorpions are actually arachnids with eight legs, and are best known for their pincers and stinger. Spiders are their close relatives.
Not all scorpions are poisonous, such as the Striped Bark Scorpions and the Death Stalker.
A scorpion’s sting may bring about extreme pain, where swelling and redness will appear in a matter of minutes.
Yes, a scorpion’s sting may be fatal and deadly especially to those species that are deemed poisonous, which is why it requires immediate action and treatment.
An Arizona Bark Scorpion is known to be the most dangerous and only existing species of scorpion in the United States.
A scorpion becomes a pest when it invades your indoor and outdoor properties.
Scorpions are attracted to trash, debris, and wood piles where they like to thrive and find their source of food. They usually come out of hiding during the summer season when it’s very hot and seek cold, dark, and well-protected spaces such as crawl spaces and attics.
A scorpion infestation may be triggered by the presence of a shelter filled with debris, wood piles, and trash. As soon as they spot these and spaces in your property where they squeeze themselves into, an infestation may begin.
It will take at least 10 scorpions for it to be considered an infestation.
Apart from applying insecticide or other home DIY methods to get rid of scorpions, one of the best and most effective ways would be to seek professional assistance from your nearby Pest Management Company, such as Suncoast Pest Management!