Rodent Control in Oceanside, CA FAQs

Some of the best ways to control the rodents’ presence at your own homes are the following:

  • Setting up traps
  • Remove source of food and water
  • Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness within every corner of your house
  • Sealing unnecessary open spaces and repairing leaks where the rodents may enter

More often than not, rodents are associated with being pests, and these are the most common types that need to be wary of the most:

  • Rats (e.g. Norway Rats, Roof Rats)
  • House Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Gophers

The mere presence of rats or mice in your household is all it takes for it to be called a rodent infestation, and this is regardless of how many are there.
While rodents may be hard to spot with the visible eye because of their small size and agility, luckily for us, there are visible signs that we can look out for such as:

  • Partially eaten food 
  • Droppings or feces on surfaces
  • Signs of chewing found in holes, clothes, and also food packaging
  • Foul odor (which can also be an indication of a dead rodent)
  • Check your pet’s behavior especially if they are restless

Rodent droppings are dark in color, and the size depends on the rodent type, though usually ranging between ½ inches to ¾ inches. For instance, rat droppings are color black and shiny, while mice droppings are smaller and have pointier ends.
A rodent infestation poses a lot of risks and danger, which include spread of illnesses and diseases such as leptospirosis. A human may be infected with leptospirosis by coming in contact or consuming water or food that contains a rodent’s urine.
Apart from taking the necessary precautions such as by eliminating sources of food and water, maintaining the cleanliness of your house, and using pesticides, another effective method in dealing with rodent infestation is seeking professional help from Pest Management companies.
Although pesticides are an effective way of instantly eliminating rodents, it poses some great disadvantages as well. One of which is that it can eventually create a foul odor once they, which will then attract more pests such as flies and cockroaches.
Seeking professional help from Pest Management companies is one of the best methods or solutions to your rodent infestation problems. With their expertise and training, they can offer to apply better and well-thought alternatives in preventing rodents from invading your home.
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