Are One-Time Solutions Enough to Keep Ants Out of Your Home?

Summer lets people enjoy warmer days and socialize with loved ones. This season is also perfect for indulging in cold treats and starting a new hobby. While it’s the ideal time to unwind, this season is, unfortunately, when unwanted guests like ants return. 

These bugs are one of the most common home pests. They annoy homeowners by contaminating food sources, causing allergies, and damaging their belongings. While calling your local ant control may help, it may not be enough to keep them away from your property. 

If you want to enjoy the summer better, this article will discuss why ants enter your home, and one-time ant control methods don’t work. We’ll also provide tips on keeping these unwanted pests away from your property. 

Why Do Ants Enter Your Home?

Ants don’t die during the winter months. Instead, they hibernate in their nests until spring. As the weather starts to warm in March and April, these bugs emerge from their nests to look for food and water. Unfortunately, while some ants won’t survive the cold season, most will live to help the colony recover. 

What Are the Common Ant Species That Can Live In Your Home?

While it may be tempting to slack off, you must remember that summer increases the likelihood of ants nesting in your home. You should also know the common species that could infiltrate your property. 

Pavement Ants build homes underneath slabs and any cracks in the foundation. In contrast, Carpenter Ants are the second most destructive pest to a home, and you’re likely to discover more of them nearby when you spot a nest. Regardless of your problem, you must never ignore or perform DIY ant control because it can lead to expensive consequences. 

Why One-Time Ant Control Methods Won’t Work

After answering why ants enter your home and the common species, this section will enumerate three reasons one-time treatments aren’t effective. 

1. Cryptic Nests 

Other pests like cockroaches and rats will leave apparent signs for homeowners and pest control companies. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for pesky ants. 

Finding ant nests can be challenging, even for a professional pest control company. While there may be telltale signs like sawdust piles, they’re not always reliable signs of an infestation. Remember that even if a one-time ant control treatment works on one ant nest, it may not be effective against other habitats on your property. 

2. Pheromone Trails 

Every homeowner knows that removing a stubborn odor can be frustrating, especially if you’ve already tried all methods. And this situation can occur when trying to remove ants from your property.

When a working ant discovers a new food or water source, it will leave a pheromone trail when it returns to the nest. This chemical signal will remain, sometimes up to a year, even after breaking down a pesticide treatment. Thus, the ants can still follow the trail and enter your home. 

3. Pesticides’ Short Lifespan 

Store-bought pesticides don’t provide long-term protection against pests because they lose effectiveness after a few weeks or months. While one-time ant control methods can reduce the bugs’ population, remember that the queen will quickly lay more eggs, and the colony will return to its previous size. 

How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home 

Besides regular cleaning and proper yard maintenance, you can prevent pest infestations by investing in professional recurring pest control. They will regularly monitor pest activity and provide tips to avoid future infestations. That way, you can keep your home safe and clean and spare yourself from costly DIY treatments and damage. 

Final Thoughts

No homeowner should suffer from an ant infestation during summer because it can be distressing. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from contamination and expensive mistakes by investing in professional ant control methods. 

If your home needs professional ant control in San Diego, call Suncoast Pest Management! Our company offers prompt, professional services to keep your house pest-free. We also provide maintenance programs to ensure these unwanted guests don’t return. Contact us now to enjoy an ant-free home!