Moths in Encinitas, CA FAQs

Although moths do not attack humans, once they have contact with our skin, they can cause skin irritation.
Moths do not bite but can cause some allergic reactions to those who have a more sensitive immunity.
While moths are not harmful pests towards humans, they can cause damage to your belongings such as the fabric of your clothing as well as food.
Processed food and goods that are stored in your pantry may seem an enticing spot for moths to lay their eggs. Moreover, if these processed goods are already infested with other insects, moths will be attracted even more to live in it.
Moths usually like to hide in dark corners and crevices.
A moth can live in your house for about two weeks long.
Moths become pests when they leave feces stain and bite through fabrics and other personal belongings. They can also leave markings on your house’s interior.
A moth infestation includes the presence of:

  • Larvae
  • Silk cocoons
  • Adult months lingering around
  • Holes through fabrics

A moth infestation can bring about allergic reactions and skin irritation when it comes in contact with you.
A sticky trap is one of the most common ways to capture moths. A bigger infestation however may need the help of a pest company such as Suncoast Pest Management!