Mosquito Control in La Mesa, CA FAQs

A mosquito bite can carry parasites and viruses that can transmit severe illnesses such as malaria, encephalitis, and dengue.
Our skin tends to produce some chemicals that are attractive for mosquitoes, such as lactic acid, as well as the production of carbon dioxide. So if your skin is the acidic type and your rate of carbon dioxide is high, you’re prone to getting mosquito bites. Blood type also plays a role, with type O being the most prevalent to getting bites.
You may instantly wash with soap and water to remove any potential lingering bacteria. After which, you may apply calamine lotion to soothe itching. To refrain from being bitten again, apply an insect repellant lotion.
Mosquitoes are largely attracted by exposed water, so if you leave a bucket filled with standing water open, they will swarm over it, and they will multiply even more as it is the spot where they can lay their eggs. Moreover, they’re also attracted to the smell of sweat.
A mosquito infestation indicates the following:

  • Experiencing frequent bites
  • Frequent feeling of itchiness
  • Consistent presence during day and night

Remove the source of any standing water. Apply insect repellent spray or lotion on your body to prevent from getting any further bites. Citronella is one of the most known and effective essential oil to repel mosquitoes.
Some of the most well-known health risks that a mosquito can bring are:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Encephalitis (or brain infection)
  • Zika virus

The scent of citronella and insecticides can repel mosquitoes instantly, as well as lavender and lemon.
The fact that they can spread and disease through their bites, on top of making it uncomfortable and itchy for us, are just some of the ways that they can be pesky to have.
Yes, they can! Suncoast Pest Management can help provide you with solutions to get rid of those pesky, blood-sucking insects.