Gophers Pest Control FAQ in Chula Vista, CA

A gopher is a type of rodent pest that is commonly known to cause damages to home and garden properties by gnawing on crops and building burrows in your garden soil. They feed on root plants and they dig tunnels which may eventually lead to damaging your crops. Because their front teeth just never stop growing, a gopher likes to keep chewing on plants and some of your underground gardening equipment.
Gophers are known to be herbivores, hence they like feasting over plants and fruits. Moreover, they thrive on moisture which leads them to chewing on irrigation pipes.
Yes, gophers are active all-year round, at all hours, and do not hibernate, which makes them a persistent plague in your property if not treated or actioned. They are mostly visible during spring and fall which makes the soil ideal for them to dig through because of its moisture.
Some methods available to get rid of gophers are as follow:

  • Habitat Modification. Try moving your plants to a less accessible location for the gophers.
  • Set up traps and physical barriers. Try fencing as gophers will certainly scurry away if they’ve hit this spot.

A gopher can wreak-havoc on your property by constantly digging tunnels, and as well as destroying your plants and root crops as they keep gnawing on it.
There will be extreme damage on your crops and property if they are left untreated. Moreover, similar to other rodents like rats and mice, they carry diseases like leptospirosis. If you have outdoor pets around, they will be prone to the fleas and ticks that gophers may transmit to them.
Yes, absolutely! Killing rodents is actually prohibited in some states, as such animal-friendly methods are also available. This will also save you the hassle of cleaning after animal remains as well as dealing with foul odors and other pests that may arise due to the decaying body.
There are traps that can help you release the gopher into an isolated area away from your residential space. Moreover, pest control companies offer services that can offer you better assessment and an effective treatment plan for your pest problems.
A Burrow Rx Device is known to be the quickest and one of the most humane way to eliminate gophers as well as other rodents or burrowing pests. It contains carbon monoxide that can lead to asphyxiation.
Yes, it does. Gophers will scurry away at the scent.
Suncoast Pest Management includes gopher pest control among the list of specialized services.