Fly Control in Oceanside, CA FAQs

Poor house sanitation and lack of maintenance in one’s property are just some of the leading causes of fly infestation.
Flies come from sources where there are stench and dirt such as garbage dump sites, sewers, and other rotting materials.
You can usually spot them in clusters in areas where there is a stench from decomposing materials.
Flies lay their eggs on areas that are moist and rotting such as garbage, feces, and soil, which will eventually hatch into maggots.
Cluster flies are a type of flies ‘attic flies’ that are common household pests and are larger in size than the common house flies.
If you hear frequent buzzing sounds and incessant flying around your area particularly in your trash bins or indoors, it could mean that there is a fly infestation under your belt. Moreover, the presence of maggots also signals the presence of flies.
Because they linger in anything that’s dirty and unsanitary, flies are known to be carriers of certain diseases and viruses which can be life-threatening for humans.
E.Coli, salmonella, cholera, food poisoning, and typhoid fever are just some of the many health risks that we can get from a fly infestation.
One of the most common home remedies is by setting up a fly trap that may be filled with something sticky like honey or molasses as an added attractor. You may also make use of vinegar to trap the flies. If these efforts are not enough, you can consult with a pest control company to offer a more convenient way of controlling them.