Earwigs in San Diego, CA FAQ

Earwigs are medium-sized pincher bugs. They are insects that are black or brown in color. They are also nocturnal and feed on other insects as well as their prey.
While earwigs do not pose any threat to humans, they can be dangerous to your home property, especially plants.
Earwigs bite through their prey, but not to humans.
Earwigs are not known to spread disease and poison. As a defense mechanism toward their attackers, they may leave a foul odor.
While they are known to be also beneficial for eating other predators that can harm your pants, earwigs can devastate your plants and crops by leaving irregular holes and bites.
Apart from plants, an earwig loves being around moist and rotten wood, which may be also found both indoors and outdoors of your house.
The main basis of an earwig infestation is its presence on plants, and they come in large numbers.
Earwigs may thrive a lot in home gardens or any spots that are moist and damp, and surrounded with plants. You may also want to check your basement or stacks of papers where they can easily squeeze themselves.
They do not really cause any damage inside your household, but they can be a nuisance due to the foul odor they may release when threatened, and they can be quite an eyesore. Moreover, you need to keep an extra eye on your plants.
Maintaining a clean and dry environment can get you started in clearing up and preventing further earwig infestation. If it gets out of control, you can seek the help of pest management companies like Suncoast Pest Management.