Crickets in Del Mar, CA FAQs

House crickets do not bite humans by nature, but what makes them dangerous for humans is their capability to spread viruses and diseases.
It is a form of crickets’ defense mechanism against their predators who are active during day time.
While they are not harmful, crickets can be quite a nuisance to have around especially when they create a lot of noise in the evening, which may disrupt your sleep.
Crickets do not bite.
The weather may play a part in attracting crickets to your house. If it’s cooler, they may stumble into your place to seek a warmer environment. Bright lights also play a part in attracting them, so once they spot an opening through cracks, crickets are likely to settle onto space.
Crickets usually hide in warm, dark places during the day such as cabinets, basements, and fireplaces.
Crickets lay their eggs on cracks and crevices.
Crickets may live for about 3 weeks, but they have a lifespan of about 10 weeks long as adults.
The overly loud chirping noise signals the presence of crickets within your area, coming from male crickets to attract female ones.
Reducing moist areas within and out of your home will help you eliminate and prevent cricket infestation. Pest management companies can also help you arrive with effective solutions in eliminating your pest problems.