Centipedes in Rancho Santa Fe, CA FAQs

Centipedes are arthropods; they are elongated in shape and the number of their legs depends on their species type.
House centipedes are typically not life-threatening, but their presence at your house can be a nuisance.
Centipedes bite as a way to capture their prey. They rarely bite humans, unless they’re provoked, and it can be extremely painful as caused by the venom they produced.
Luckily, centipede bites are not that fatal for humans and rarely cause health complications. However, it’s still important to take note that some centipedes produce a certain type of venom that may trigger allergic reactions for humans by producing chemicals like serotonin and histamine.
The existence of other pests such as cockroaches in your house can be a source of attraction for centipedes, as they are their prey. They also like to thrive and become abundant in cool, damp, and dark areas. It’s also important to keep away compost piles and leaf litter as these can attract them to cause an infestation in the long run.
You can usually spot them in cluttered spots such as floor drains and clutters on the floor. Your bathroom tub or your kitchen sink may be the perfect hideaway for them.
Centipedes can be a nuisance when it comes to their bites which are venomous. While they don’t have any direct life-threatening effects on humans, they can be an eyesore when left untreated, especially when other people might step on them.
Because centipedes are less than visible due to their size and the fact that they are nocturnal, it can be quite hard to spot them. If you suddenly notice holes in your walls or floorings, there may be a centipede lingering in your area. Moreover, if you can feel a swiftly crawling creature on your body at night, it can also count as a sign.
It is not recommended to squish a centipede because of the stains it can leave behind, which may contribute to the spreading of germs and dirt. Moreover, they eat other pests so it can disrupt their contribution to the ecosystem.
For uncontrollable centipede infestation, you can seek the help of Suncoast Pest Management!