Bird Control in Chula Vista, CA FAQs

Yes, there is such thing called as nuisance birds that may bring damage to property – both public and private alike. They are also known to transmit harmful diseases that may be life-threatening for humans.
This is because birds can cause damage to property which may be caused by their acidic droppings. Moreover, they can be carriers of certain diseases and viruses and can be an enabler in sparking other potential infestations.
Starlings, sparrows, and pigeons are known to be the most common pests.
They can carry viruses and diseases that are harmful to humans such as:

  • Psittacosis, which manifests through fever, chills, muscle aches, and respiratory problems.
  • Cryptococcosis, which manifests through respiratory problems like pneumonia and shortness of breath.
  • Histoplasmosis, which manifests through pneumonia-like symptoms, though people rarely get sick from this.

Yes, they are as contact with it can put one’s health at great risk.
Birds are attracted by the presence of trees or a spot they know where they can feed and build their nests.
The sighting of the nest signals the presence of birds in your area. Moreover, continuous loud chirping sounds and bird noises are surefire indicators, as well as droppings and damages caused by pecking.
Birds can wreak havoc on your property by building their nests everywhere they please, which may bring inconvenience for you. Their droppings can leave wear down metals and concrete, as well as give a foul odor.
Yes, Pest Control can provide effective solutions and alternatives for your bird infestation problems.
Suncoast Pest Management has a team of experienced professionals in handling this dilemma for you.