Bed Bug Pest Control in Carlsbad, CA FAQs

During the day, bed bugs hide in mattresses, bed frames, box springs, as well as in the cracks of a wall, on furniture and floor. They usually come from crowded areas and spaces.
Bed bugs tend to latch onto bags and purses, especially if you have placed them on surfaces and furniture that are infested.
Bed bugs surprisingly do not care about the cleanliness of their environment; all they want is a warm host they can feed on or a space where they can just squeeze and hide themselves in. Although it still pays to keep a clean environment at all times so as not to give the bed bugs any leeway in transmission from scattered clothes and other belongings.
Bed bugs are considered to be nocturnal in general, and prefer to do their feeding at night. They may also come out during day time, when there aren’t people around.
Pest Control Companies use methods such as heat treatments, insecticide, or fumigants.
It isn’t recommended to throw out your mattress because the bed bugs infestation can contribute to a wide spread within the community.
Knowing what attracts bed bugs can help them come out of their hiding, such as heat trap or carbon dioxide fumigation, using certain scents of essential oil sprays, as well as dirty laundry that has your scent.
The spread of bed bugs may be drastic as they can easily jump from one space to another. They are known to be fast crawlers, their speed similar to that of ladybugs.
It is best to be thorough in inspecting any second hand items such as furniture and bags since it is where they are most likely to be thriving. When checking in at a hotel, it is recommended to place your luggages and other belongings on top of a dresser or a table so as to lessen the risk of getting bed bugs from the floorings.
When it comes to handling any pest problems, Suncoast Pest Management can help address your concerns.