Ants in Imperial Beach, CA FAQ

Ants are known to be always busy at work, traveling while they hunt for food and build a shelter. They are also known to attack other colonies and insects they encounter along the way.
Yes, all ants have the potential to bite, but the action will depend on the aggressiveness of the species of the ant.
Food is the ultimate attractor that can draw ants into your house. Whether that’s a left-over of a slice of pizza or a tiny crumb lingering on the floor, you can expect to see an army of ants coming for it when left opened even for just a few minutes.
The most tell-tale indication of an ant infestation is seeing a line of the colony in a corner of your house, and most likely, they are probably feasting over one of your left-over foods or have spotted a hole in one of your stored packaged foods.
It may be possible but this will also depend on how many ants are present in your house. If it’s an infestation, it may take a couple of days.
As tiny as they are, ants are known for being carriers of a disease like a salmonella. Unless you have any allergic reactions, they do not pose any great danger, but their bites can sting and hurt a lot, especially when it comes from an aggressive type of ants such as worker ants.
It has the potential of doing so, especially if you have an existing allergic condition. Ants can also spread the salmonella bacteria by having contact with food.
You can use DIY solutions such as by applying white vinegar or by using chemicals like insecticides to remedy a small ant invasion. However, should it be a full-blown infestation, it’s better to get professional help from pest management companies.
Ants may appear from time to time considering that food is what instantly draws them into our houses, so getting rid of them permanently may not be possible. However, it is possible to refrain them from coming back along with their entire colony by storing food properly and practicing cleanliness at all times.
Yes, pest control companies such as Suncoast Pest Management can help get rid of a wide-range ant infestation in your homes.